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EQ Plan version 4.5 with new features

EQ Plan evolves constantly and at Timemetrics we listen to our users in order to make EQ Plan the "tool of choice" when it comes to production planning. During the month of December 2015 we released version 4.5 of EQ Plan, a version that contains many new goodies. Or what about the following:

  • Personnel planning - define who does the job and how much time each resource will use for Setup time and/or Post Production work.

  • Optimization by resource.

  • Improved Lead time function with possibility to assign lead time with clock time or calendar work time.

  • Improved Planning and re-scheduling functions.

  • New Import function makes it possible to create custom connections to EQ Plan in order to transfer data from existing ERP / MIS.

  • Extended multi-user possiblities.

  • Possbible to filter resources to only show "my resources".

If you are an existing EQ Plan customer - please contact Peter at for more information on features and how to upgrade to Version 4.5.

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