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EQ Plan - the complete planning solution for manufacturing / printing /maintenance companies

Plan, View, Change & Simulate

With EQ Plan you not only get a graphical view of your production plan but you can also plan directly in the GANTT chart by dragging and dropping plan lines. You can at every moment see how changes in the plan affect your flow of production and resource utilization. 


With EQ Plan you get a total view that allows constant trimming of the plan, meaning leadtimes and working captital can be reduced. Increased flexibility and just-in-time deliveries means better productivity and better competitiveness.

You also get a strong "safety-net" should disruptions occur, since you can quickly and easily reschedule your jobs while keeping a total view of the production plan. 

In addition to be able to simulate different planning scenarios, EQ Plan also enables you to filter out important data to give an unprecedented view of information you want to highlight and analyze.


As a stand-alone application EQ Plan comes with all the databases and tables you need to create a powerful planning system. If you choose to connect EQ Plan to your existing ERP/MIS system the handshake automatically transfers data to and from the program and you get a outstanding view of your production process. EQ Plan utilizes Web Services for (among others) Microsoft Dynamics GP which further enhances the possibilties for integration. 

Easy to install - Easy to use. 

EQ Plan was developed with the planner in focus. Constant feedback from clients make the user feel at home with the "look and feel" of the functions of the program. Several functions applicable to production and delivery are integrated in EQ Plan out of the box.


EQ Plan is very easy to use. Moving a task or a sequence of tasks is swift thanks to uncomplicated, intuitive commands and drag & drop.


Column widths can be adjusted to show plans in more or less detail; focus a few hours ahead or see plans 6 months ahead – all with simple commands in order to facilitate all types of planning

Skärmbild 2022-11-21 121013 WIX6.png

This is what many EQ Plan customers have noted – it is a powerful tool  that is easy to implement, easy to learn and easy to use. But despite the simplicity and ” automatization” of many vital functions, the user is, as he should be, always in full control.

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