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EQ Plan Connections, Handshakes and & Partners

EQ Plan runs either together with many different ERP/MIS business systems (the most common are shown below) or as a Stand-Alone application.


A Stand-Alone solution does not in any way limit the possibilites offered by EQ Plan, but a connection to an existing business system means that the ERP/MIS system can exchange data with EQ Plan which substantially increases the functionality of the ERP/MIS solution.


We have or course a great API for EXCEL, should you want to export and analyze the EQ Plan data in a format of your own.


In case there is no obvious connection/handshake solution we can customize connections that fit you and your company. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Micrsoft Dynamics AX are business systems used by more than 100 000 companies world-wide. The system is being used for all functions in a corporation - from accounting to production management. 


EQ Plan has existing connections to NAV och AX.

EQ Plan & PrintVis has become the preferred planning solution for a number of major European printing companies.


PrintVis is a total ERP/MIS solution for companies in the printing business. The system facilitates all administrative and production functions, and all functions come together in an integrated system. 


Printvis builds on, and is certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The handshake between  EQ Plan and Printvis was delevoped by Nova Vision och Timemetrics.

Pyramid is a Swedish business system developed by Vitec Unikum Datasystem AB in Lund, Sweden.


The application is used by more than 6.500 companies in a variety of industries. 

The handshake between Pyramid and EQ Plan was developed by Vitec Unikum Datasystem AB and Timemetrics.

Jeeves logga.png

Jeeves ERP is an ERP software solution for growing midmarket enterprises in Sweden and Europe.

The system’s unique and powerful architecture helps companies harness the power of emerging technologies like cloud and mobility – as well as benefiting from the way Jeeves ERP can be customized to fit the current and future needs of your business.

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