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Powerful GANTT planning software for manufacturing / printing / maintenance / service companies in Windows.

With EQ Plan you and your co-workers can plan, view and simulate every job directly through the GANTT interface, centrally or locally, down to machine / employee level.


Connect EQ Plan to your ERP/MIS/Business system or use it as a Stand Alone application. Scalable, flexible and adaptable planning software used by succesful companies in 14 countries.


EQ Plan empowers our clients to operate better, faster and smarter.

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 Plan in GANTT interface
Plan in GANTT interface

Plan in GANTT. Add jobs/projects and allocate tasks to different resources. Drag & Drop of planlines and changes to interdependencies updates the whole plan instantly. See the workflow and how individual changes affect your resource utlilization. Filter and highlight details in jobs and projects. With EQ Plan Just-In-Time becomes easy. 

View & change your plan
View & Change

Focus your planning view a few hours ahead or get a 6 month view. See the impact of minute changes on the total process. When delays or disruptions happen, reschedule the job and re-allocate resources while keeping an overall view of the whole plan and utlilization for each resource.

Simulate different planning scenarios
Integrate with your ERP system.

Simulate changes in, and disruptions of, the workflow (downtimes, maintenance, changes in ordervolume) and evaluate the effects on resource utlilization, workflow and delivery times. Try alternate scenarios, discover bottle necks, and view the impact in GANTT.

Simple to learn & use

EQ Plan is a powerful tool that is easy to implement, easy to learn and easy to use, which means you can be up-and-running quickly. It eliminates the need for manual interventions and complicated calculations. The manual is integrated in the program and instantly available.

Integrate EQ Plan with your MIS/ERP system or use as a Stand Alone application. Connected to your MIS/ERP system vital data is automatically transferred to EQ Plan and back, and gives an unprecedented view of the production plan. 

EQ Plan
  • is used by companies in 13 countries in a variety of manufacturing industries.

  • is available in English, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and has support for several other languages.

  • is used daily by companies with sales between €500.000 and €300.000.000.

  • allows planning and viewing locally as well as centrally over multiple manufacturing sites.

  • connects (among others) to Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Printvis, Spektra, Pyramid or as Stand-Alone application.

A short demonstration


To get a more complete idea of the many possibilties offered by EQ Plan we invite you to ask for a demo version or even better book your own demonstration of EQ Plan over Teams. Then we can also show you how the program can be used to improve the planning process in your company. 


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